Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Kids book Dustbin Dad

Such a good book. So true at least in our house. 'Tomatoes with toothmarks, old scraps of fish, crunchy bits left on the side of the dish'


Lego coffee machine

Done a few tweaks to it and would prefer to have certain coloured bricks to use then what I have. But I like it.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Drew's Car Lego Technic

Drews car from despicable me 3. Need to reorder the correct sides for the panels on the side and can do with some more refining but think I got the basic look of it.

Update: not orange sides but added the sides I intended. Will find them in orange one day

Will no doubt keep being tweaked.

Lego 8838 dirt bike

Found some instructions when I Googled technic bikes and saw what looked like the one I remember from my childhood.

Dug through all the technic parts I had sorted. Then voila, the 8838 dirt bike.

Loved how the chain and cogs made pistons go up and down in the engine.

But then I love lego technic.

Lego technic batpod

My version. 

Haven't refined the look of it yet. Liked the front wheel, one bar and spikes